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 Team (screenshot)

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PostSubject: Team (screenshot)   Team (screenshot) Icon_minitimeFri 29 Feb - 23:57

Season 21 :

Team (screenshot) 1ersreenshotseason21daycj6

After have a team with 62 K of value, I rebuild beacause I didn't have results with this team. I rebuild with 15.000 csm. After selling my player, I'd ~70.000 csm in order to buy 5 players. I buy EkiM, Carnov and EcIrBaF77 for 30.000 csm (with all limits known). After I'd buy Choupa for 5.000 csm with two limits known (Aim + PiQ), and I buy UsuaL for 27.000 csm.

Season 22 :

Team (screenshot) 2mescreenshotseason22daif0

In one season, my team have 4.500 average value and 40 SP with one LC : Usual (who's maxed in Aim + Quick)

Season 23 :

Team (screenshot) 3mescreenshotseason2303cr4

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Team (screenshot)
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